Pharmaceutical Forecasting Excellence

Forecasting across the Product Life cycle

Forecasting is a crucial exercise for mid and long term planning, yet it can be a particularly challenging and complex task in the pharmaceutical domain. It covers a wide range of methods and techniques that may be applied selectively to serve many different purposes.

J+D work closely with clients to develop tailored modelling solutions.

Working in close collaboration with your team, J+D build bespoke tools that are tailored to your specific needs and meet your unique forecasting challenges.  J+D has developed a range of modelling platforms and forecasting tools that will support you in each of the following activities;

Our forecasting and modelling approach is unique to each individual client. Ensuring confidence in use and decision making.

Industry Leading Expertise

J+D is a recognised thought leader and innovator in the creation of pertinent tools to support more effective forecasting. We understand our clients’ processes and ensure we deliver solutions that can be seamlessly integrated.

We understand that securing cross-functional buy-in is a critical factor for success in forecasting. That is why all  J+D forecasting projects employ a consultative approach that identifies and incorporates end-users’ needs, rather than offering a “one size fits all” product.

J+D have a senior led team with a broad range of skills, supporting;

  • Development and implementation of new business processes
  • The design of modelling and forecasting platforms
  • Strong data management capability, evaluating, integrating and managing data capture from both secondary and primary sources.

The Fundamentals of Effective Model Development

To provide maximum benefit, models should meet all of the following criteria:

Intuitive: The structure of the model should be simple.

Over-engineered or complex models will be confusing and difficult to use. J+D  create models that are specifically designed to present large amounts of data and analysis in a clear and intuitive format.

Transparent: The source of information should be fully transparent to support effective decision making.  

Models with black-box elements often hinder internal communication, leading to outputs that lack credibility.  J+D modelling methodologies and processes are logical and accessible. Similarly, transparent capture of assumptions generates buy-in from key stakeholders from the outset, avoiding rejection of the model once delivered.

Applicable: The model should be designed with the market in mind.

Our models are tailored to the specific country/region and disease area.  As a result, they will not include superfluous data or functionality which can create unneccessary complexity.

The Development of the Forecast is Process Driven

The time and speed in which the process is undertaken is driven by client need and market dynamic.

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