FC+ Software.

Shaping Pharma Forecasting

FC+ is a suite of pharmaceutical forecasting software that delivers sophisticated, visually engaging models.

A cross sectional forecast with a modular, step by step approach for simple epidemiology forecast creation. Can be used for opportunity based assessments.​

Specifically designed patient flow methodology. Capture progression for any oncology disease with all oncology variables built in. The most accurate approach to oncological forecasting.​

Extrapolate historical demand into the future. Statistically forecast in revenue, units or patients. Holt Winters, ARIMA and VAR incl.​

Produce patient flow models which support changing treatment paradigms and the progression of patients. Designed for progressive diseases.

For all your pharmaceutical
forecasting needs.

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About J+D Forecasting.

At J+D it's our mission to simplify the complex nature of pharmaceutical forecasting to help support informed decision making for the future. We are dedicated to helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies use intelligent forecasting solutions to make strategic and operational investment decisions.

For decades, we have crafted bespoke pharmaceutical forecasting models, innovative software and interactive training solutions, each of which has been designed with client needs in mind, allowing businesses to create more intelligent and consistent insights.