Diving into the deep waters of forecasting

‘Immerse yourself with confidence’

The Context

Time and time again we hear from Brand Managers, Researchers, Analysts and even Forecasters about the challenges in forecasting.

Many stakeholders in a business feel uncomfortable about the time involved in the forecasting process, choosing the right type of model and using the most appropriate data, all in an arena that can prove highly political and pressurised.

The truth is there are many people who fear dipping more than a ‘toe in the deep waters of forecasting’ as it can lead to unwanted exposure and fear of simply getting it wrong.

Here at J+D we provide regular training opportunities and pharma forecasting software for clients to promote understanding, confidence, enjoyment and therefore immersion into forecasting.

The Problem

Forecasting has become more and more important in recent years and has crept slowly into many different roles within organisations.

Forecasting does not necessarily form part of the core skill set for all individuals involved and there are limited effective training opportunities, and a general lack of resources available that can be accessed quickly to resolve a query.

Yet pressure remains to develop, populate and communicate a wide range of forecast models despite a widely varying level of forecasting expertise, experience and capabilities across organisations.

Increasingly, many are frustrated with forecasting and a lack of motivation and confidence can ultimately negatively impact on the forecasts that are being created, making it difficult to make decisions and discuss assumptions with a variety of stakeholders across the business.

The Solution

At J+D we not only pride ourselves on creating intuitive, easy to use forecasting tools. We also provide various support mechanisms to help our clients enjoy and immerse themselves into the forecasting process.

Hence, we have developed a ‘Fundamentals in Forecasting’ training course that is delivered via a variety of formats:

“It was a nice open environment and it was safe to ask questions without feeling intimidated as a non-forecasting expert. I really, really liked the boxes given out with the cards in them! I can see these being something I refer to again and again over the years…. I’ve already being telling people how it was useful (and enjoyable – you can’t say that often about forecasting training…)”

Pharma Forecasting Training Workshops/Courses

Pharma Forecasting Tailored Training Workshops

  • Tailored to individual pharma company needs/capabilities:
  • Can be offered in conjunction with client specific model if appropriate
  • Pre-stakeholder training interviews to refine objectives

Pharma Forecasting Online Training

  • Face to face learning format transferred into an interactive online version, equally as useful and engaging
  • Opportunity to view examples, complete training exercises and test yourself with quizzes

“Nice for me to hear about different types of forecasting I had not done before (e.g. Monte Carlo). I liked the overviews that talked about pros and cons of different approaches, the checklists and having the key takeaway flashcards. The section on market research to generate input data was good and made some important points.”

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