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Shaping your forecasting.

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Accessible at any time or place.
We have digitised our face to face training so that you can complete it at any time, any pace, any place. Simply pick up where you left of, on a laptop, tablet or mobile.

Courses for all abilities.
The training has been designed so that it is relevant for all levels of forecasters, from new starters who want to gain an understanding of the fundamentals, to more experienced forecasters who want to brush up on the basics, or focus on more complex methodologies such as Oncology Forecasting.

Engaging and interesting content.
Videos, quizzes, exercises, and real examples bring the course to life. Once you have finished a course, you can also build and populate a forecast model from scratch using our FC+ software.

So head over to our Training section to view more details, or login to view a Demonstration Course, or purchase a course today.


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Designed for clients with clients.
FC+ has been developed alongside those in Forecasting, Market Research and Analytics. FC+ works with you to build forecast models independently, that are accurate and easy to use.

Simple + intuitive.
FC+ is an Excel add-in. Excel is the software of choice for forecasting. This unique software guides you through a step by step process for forecast creation based on best practice. Your models will have a consistent look and feel, easily shared and reviewed.

Additional functionality of consolidation and probalised forecasting using montecarlo is included too.

Agile + responsive.
The C# application makes for a smooth transition between trending, eventing and converting.
The modular approach provides the opportunity to tailor your model to any type of disease. A new one can be created or you can add sections to an existing model seamlessly.

Head over to the Software page to see a video of the software in action, or login to request a demo and download the software.

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Go to solution for all things forecasting.
The Knowledge Centre is a central resource of forecasting knowledge, from help with MR, model assumption input, FC Toolkit, technical tips, and our thoughts on hot-topics, it has everything you need to populate your forecast.

Accessible 24/7.
Stuck on an assumption after office hours? Need data or insights for a forecast on a Saturday? The Knowledge Centre has the information you need, available at any time of day.

Content refresh.
Information can become outdated quickly. The content in the Knowledge Centre is regularly updated, and new content added.

Head over to the Knowledge Centre to view more information on the content included, or login to access this content yourself.

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For all your pharmaceutical
forecasting needs.

theHub is a portal of resources to help you create better forecasting. Courses, templates, software, data and working model examples to get you on the path to better forecasting. Sign up now to get access to a world of interactive content.

About J+D Forecasting.

At J+D it's our mission to simplify the complex nature of pharmaceutical forecasting to help support informed decision making for the future. We are dedicated to helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies use intelligent forecasting solutions to make strategic and operational investment decisions.

For decades, we have crafted bespoke pharmaceutical forecasting models, innovative software and interactive training solutions, each of which has been designed with client needs in mind, allowing businesses to create more intelligent and consistent insights.

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