Designed for clients with clients.

FC+ is an add-in to excel that was created for clients with our clients. FC+ works with you to build models independently that are accurate and easy to use. Your models will have a consistent look and feel that can be easily shared and reviewed. Additional functionality of consolidation and probabillised forecasting using MonteCarlo is included too.

Simple + intuitive. 

FC+ is a unique range of forecasting software that delivers sophisticated, visually engaging models. FC+ supports a more efficient forecasting approach. The aim is to free up your time to think about the forecast in its entirety and make the experience more rewarding for all involved.

Agile + responsive. 

FC+ uses a modular approach, you can forecast any disease type by either adding sections to existing models or quickly building the entire model from start to finish. There is even the flexibility to change the model structure after it’s been developed.

Epi+ and Onco+ available now. Get in touch for a free demo of the software.

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