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Onco+ is one of three members of our FC+ suite. Onco+ supports efficient oncology forecast creation with user friendly functionality that helps you create a forecast in just a few clicks. There is no limit on the number of Onco+ forecasts you can create.

The model design templates are clear and easy to understand with ample space for assumptions. Onco+ promotes transparency and discussion to support confident investment decisions.

Onco+ has been developed using C# programming within Excel. As a result, you get access to the often complex and difficult to replicate forecasting algorithms but without losing access to one of your standard analytic tools – Microsoft Excel.

Key features of Onco+

1. Benefit from forecasting best principles – choose your cancer type and how you would like to size the target population (incidence, relapsed, progressed), trend historic shares of inline products, apply known market events (including applying retreatment rate restrictions) and then convert the resulting patient numbers into units and revenue (accounting for loading dose, BMA, body surface area etc)
2. Calculate or triangulate expected market shares of your own, or competitor product profiles, using our proprietary tool, SimScore
3. Set up your forecasts so that they are as simple or as complex as you require – Monte Carlo simulation is just one advanced tool that is standard with Onco+
4. Consolidate your different country/ scenario forecasts in just a few seconds
5. Share your forecast with colleagues –if they have access to Onco+ then they will be able to edit the structure of your forecast. If not, they will be able to review your forecast and amend/ add the required inputs (helping you to keep control of your forecast)

Take a look at the videos opposite to see an Onco+ forecast model in action.

If you would like more information or a live demo, please get in touch.

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