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We have digitised our face to face training so that you can complete courses at any time, any pace, any place.

FC+ Software.

FC+ is a suite of pharmaceutical forecasting software that delivers sophisticated, visually engaging models. FC+ is built on best practice forecasting principles.


EpiCube is an epidemiology database for multiple therapy areas (inc Oncology), multiple diseases, attributes, countries, age groups and genders.

For all your pharmaceutical forecasting needs.

theHub is a portal of resources to help you create a better forecasting process. Courses, templates, software and working model examples will get you on the path to better forecasting. Sign up now to get access to a world of interactive content.

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Further reading.

Asset Valuation Methodologies

An overview of various asset valuation methodologies. Please Login or register to access content.

Compliance Analyser

Compliance analysis of a variety of products within different therapy areas.

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Global Hospital Universe

A comprehensive list of global hospitals by country and region.

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Critiquing Model Considerations

Key questions and considerations to think about when reviewing and critiquing forecast models.

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About J+D Forecasting.

At J+D it’s our mission to simplify the complex nature of pharmaceutical forecasting to help support informed decision making for the future. We are dedicated to helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies use intelligent forecasting solutions to make strategic and operational investment decisions.

For decades, we have crafted bespoke pharmaceutical forecasting models, innovative software and interactive training solutions, each of which has been designed with client needs in mind, allowing businesses to create more intelligent and consistent insights.

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