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The uptake analyser is designed to provide guidance on product uptake speed and type of curve. This may be particularly useful when modelling the launch of new-to-market product and there is little information regarding the potential uptake.

The uptake analyser includes over 350 curves, covering more than 20 conditions across Europe and USA.

It has been designed for ease of use in mind. Simply filter the data based on your parameters, and uptake curves of launched products which match the filters selected will be shown within the chart.

Filters include: Region, Country, Therapy Area, Condition, Physician Type, Acute/Chronic disease, Unmet need, Innovation level, and Type of Product (brand/generic/extension/biosimilar).

A summary of the selected curves will then be shown. This includes data on the average time to peak, the most likely type of curve, and the number of curves it is based upon.

Please scroll down for more information about the selected curves.

This data can then be used within your forecast model, to support your assumptions regarding the time to peak and the type of uptake curve.

We are continually adding curves to increase the coverage of indications and markets.

If we don’t have curves which cover what you are looking for, please consider the following:

1) See if the therapy area is covered in a similar country and factor any country specific considerations into the time to peak/type of curve

2) Evaluate a similar therapy area and again, factor any therapy area specific considerations into the time to peak/type of curve

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