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    Kristian Barker

    The conversion section of Epi+ is relatively simple and straight forward – please note that we will be enhancing this in Epi+ v2 which is due to be released in the next few weeks. For now, it is very easy to customise your required outputs in the current version of Epi+. The important thing to note is that the consolidator pulls through the following rows when you are consolidating your separate forecasts: patients, units, price per unit and revenue. You can relabel these as you require, for example you may wish to change ‘revenue’ to ‘net revenue’. You can also insert additional rows as you require, for example to account for both ‘gross revenue’ and separately, ‘net revenue’.

    However, regardless of the label changes or row additions that you make, the consolidator will still pull through the rows that were originally labelled patients, units, price per unit and revenue. So make sure that the outputs you require are captured in these original rows and you will see in the screen shot below that the consolidator will then automatically pick these up.

    Feel free to download an example model that demonstrates the above principles.


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