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    Will James

    It is extremely common for forecasts to need to account for different channels or geographic regions so that inputs and outputs can be independently generated for each channel or region.

    For example, in Canada it may well be the case that your forecast needs to split by each ‘province’, so that you can input different prices, market shares and events within each province.

    Epi+ has been designed to make this process extremely efficient. Assuming that your forecast structure for each channel or region is going to be the same (and only the inputs will need to change), then once you have created your forecast structure for the first channel or region, then you can simply use the ‘Copy’ feature within the Epi+ toolbar to replicate this structure for other channels or regions (please note that the ‘copy’ feature will only work if your forecast structure is contained within the same Excel sheet).

    As soon as you click on the ‘Copy’ feature, you will then get an additional tab that you can rename and change the inputs for your second channel or region. You can continue this process many times until you have created all the channels or regions that your forecast needs to cover.

    Using the ‘Consolidate’ feature, you can then aggregate all your forecasts together, to provide you with a total view of your market.

    Take a look at this example model, where we have used the ‘Copy’ feature to quickly and easily create a forecast structure for the different provinces in Canada.

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