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    Adam Fitzpatrick

    More often than not, management teams like to explore different potential scenarios as a means of finalising the forecast. For relatively simple scenarios that focus on, say, launch dates adjustments or peak share estimates, then using the events section within Epi+ means you can create different scenarios with ease. In the example below, you can see that we have three separate events for the launch of Product A (low, base and upper scenario). The difference between these three scenarios is the peak share. You can then decide which scenario to turn on/off in the ‘Include’ column – and your forecast will then immediately update (all the way through to revenues) with the results of that specific scenario.

    If the scenarios that you are wanting to explore are more complex and require several inputs to be changed, then the better option will be to copy your Excel workbook for each specific scenario (e.g. low and upper). Once copied, you can then easily rename the workbooks accordingly and then go into each copied file to update the inputs that are relevant for that specific scenario. You can then use the ‘consolidator’ within Epi+ to consolidate across separate Excel files. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Extract to Power BI’ option to conduct your analysis of the different scenarios within Power BI.

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